Kate Mably

A Fully Accredited MasterCoach

A Qualified Horse-heard Associate in Equine Facilitated learning

I offer you Personal..Practical..Solutions.

To get you unstuck and find a clear way forward.

Are you ready to get started? What are you waiting for?

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As your Coach I will….


Get to the heart of the problem 

Be impartial and confidential

Help you focus

Offer on going support

Help you work towards real profound change


I offer two types of coaching.

Coaching People

Kate offers unique experiential coaching for those who seek purpose and meaning, helping to simplify complex challenges for clarity and understanding.

Coaching People with Horses

Kate has over 30 years of experience coaching people with horses. Kate believes people and horses can achieve their true potential through effective horse training - improving performance and preserving the integrity of the horse's physical ability, soundness and wellbeing.


Kate offers the first 20 minute session free of charge. To book, get in touch below.


Kate is a passionate equestrian. She has supported riders and their horses her whole life, delivering honest training and realistic support to reach personal goals using the best principles of classical training, on the ground knowledge and confidence building.

The cornerstone of Kate’s training philosophy encourages riders to understand the true nature and behaviour of horses. Understanding equine behaviour is critical to developing a systematic approach for sustainable results in a safe and harmonious environment.

Kate trains humans and horses. Each are given the same holistic and comprehensive commitment to a clear methodology. Kate focuses on enhancing self-esteem, confidence and self discipline.  Communication skills, concentration, physical co-ordination and flexibility are key elements of any training programme.

Alterreno: The Italian Experience 

Kate frequently teaches at Alterreno a beautiful equestrian centre in Tuscany.

This centre of excellence is based on the love, respect and knowledge of horses to teach horsemanship and Classical riding against the stunning backdrop of this unique corner of central Tuscany.

If you feel attracted to horses, no matter your level of experience, if you want to learn profound horsemanship and equitation, if you want to live a unique, fascinating, intense and fun experience with horses in the beauty of Tuscany, Alterreno is the place for you.

Alterreno Experience


If you are interested in organising a trip for yourself or for a group, or would like further information about Alterreno, please get in touch with us.



“ Kate has turned me into an elegant rider, ready for sponsorship and the big wide horse world. She's a total inspiration and the greatest supporter and mentor that I could ever have wished for!

- Poppy Joshi