Kate has a remarkable ability to re-educate horses and their owners who have problems.She has a keen eye and ability to see rider errors and misunderstandings in communication between horse and rider. Understanding equine behaviour related to physical issues are a must when assessing a horse with such problems as... 


Aggression, Leading, Loading, Mounting, Rearing, Napping, Bucking, Bolting, Spooking, Refusals, General Manners, Traffic Shy, Excitability at Competitions, Kicking, Control Issues, Catching, Tying-up, Unmotivated


"In my experience nearly all horses can change their behaviour once we can understand his strong natural fear and flight instincts as a prey animal . As trainers we can use these instincts to teach horses and humans to be safer and more confident. Which in turn will help the horse strengthen his innate ability to understand he is safe."

- Kate Mably



If you have a problem that you would like Kate's advice on, please don't hesitate to get in touch here or through Kate's Facebook page.