Kate's story from Horse Trainer to Master Coach

Kate has been passionate about horses all her life, growing up on a farm in Cornwall with access to over 40 horses. Her childhood was spent riding out on Bodmin Moor in with her family and friends. Kate’s first contact with true horsemanship was with Tim Burgess, father of her best friend. Tim taught Kate to keep it simple and easy for the horses to learn and enjoy their work.


So began her on a life long journey with horses to find another way.

Studying horsemanship she was lucky enough to travel To the USA and Australia meeting some amazing horsemen and women. The best advice she ever got was from Ronnie Willis (who was one of the pioneers of the techniques made famous by Robert Redford's film "The Horse Whisperer." Willis worked alongside the likes of Ray Hunt and Pat Parelli, who continue to spread the word of a gentler way of training horses. Sadly no longer with us.) In a flustered moment at a clinic Kate turned to Ronnie for help he looked up said “you gotta go real slow” words that she has tried to honor ever since.

Kate’s thirst for knowledge is insatiable from cow boys to Classical riding. It changed her life. She spent 10 years training studying and riding in Portugal with some top trainers. This has given her a wonderful opportunity to ride so many horses of different levels. From the trainers of the Portuguese riding school to bull fighters.

Kate began to import horses from Portugal. The horses were often shut down and confused, she rehabilitated many horses believing that it is our responsibility as humans to learn how to be around horses.

In 2000 Kate set up her own horse business livery and training yard helping many people and horses to communicate, creating a safe environment for horses and humans to work together. Students completion results increased with a better understand not only of Dressage but of how to get the best out of their horse.

Kate now travels the world running clinics Teaching, training and helping as many horses and riders as she can.

Marrying her communication skills, her love of horses her profound experience and knowledge linked with a desire to enable people to grow and learn is why she is truly dedicated to coaching people who are stuck. Kate’s experience of understanding horses and people, has led her to become a lifestyle coach.Empowering people to focus on what they want from their lives by having the tools and techniques to embrace the change.

To be the best version of themselves they want to be.