What would you like to change in your life?

Would you like more confidence?

A new job?

Improved relationships?

Or a health goal?


Find out how the right questions can uncover your unconscious barriers, break old patterns and bring about light bulb moments to help you move forward.

Kate’s coaching practice is about offering support and guidance. Simplifying the challenges to reveal clear ways for you to move forward.




“ A massive thank you for helping me realise I was in the wrong relationship with myself and others.”
“Since our letting go session my husband and I haven’t stopped talking digesting our experience.”
 “My energy has gone of the scale. I’m back in my driving seat. Bring it on”
I feel calmer, now that I’ve given myself permission not to have to try to make a decision now, and feel confident that I know I’ll be able to do so when the time is right.
I wasn’t sure where I was going to live and felt very confused and under pressure. Thank you Kate, your gentle coaching and listening helped me to realise It was ok to stay put.
I had some difficult choices to make, your support and insight have truly helped me.
Thank you brilliant lady. I was so miserable having sadly lost the love of my life.I thought life was not worth living. Your support and encouragement gave me more insight I have a  future. I can never thank you enough.
Thank you so much for your help Kate. To be able to let go of all the guilt and shame from my childhood has enabled me to change my life
I would say that the whole experience with you has left me feeling emboldened and empowered.